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Starting the donation campaign for a new server

Dear metalhead.club and trashserver.net users,

as you might know, I’m planning to crowd-fund a new server for both 650thz.de services. Well - the campaign starts now!

As my recent survey among metalhead.club users has shown, we should be able to fund about 3,200 € for a new server. 3,000 € is the minimum amount of money needed to get a new (second-hand) server with decent performance. Seems like we can make it - so I’m asking you to chip in now ;-)

Head to https://donate.650thz.de to find links to the payment services that are available and for more information.

Even if you cannot contribute as much as you wished - I’m happy about every € that drops into our virtual donation box.

I’m curious if we can collect the forecasted amount - but I’m quite positive about it :-) The more money - the better. If we reach more than 3,000 € for the server, I’ll upgrade it accordingly: Faster CPU, more / faster disk storage etc.

If the donation campaign fails and 3,000 € is not reached within a reasonable period of time, the money will be kept as a reserve for the running costs of the current server (monthly power, network, location and spare parts / “remote hands”, … ).

By the way: In a previous post I have summarized the reasons why a new server is needed. If you agree and want to support my project, I’d be very happy if you could spend a new bucks at our future infrastructure. If you don’t - I’m sad to hear, but I can understand.

metalhead.club and trashserver.net have always been co-funded by community - it would be a huge success to make 650thz.de more future-proof by your contributions!

(if you wish to be publicly listed as a supporter of this funding/project, let me know by sending an e-mail to mail {ett} leister-it.de or giving me a hint in your bank transfer subject. I’d be happy to honor your contributions publicly!)