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Metalhead.club Patches Batch #1 (summer 2024)

Time for patches! They’ve been on my merch to-do list for a while, but now I can finally announce that there are metalhead.club patches with our logo!

  • Dimensions: DIN-A7 (10,5 cm x 7,4 cm)
  • Finely woven metalhead.club logo (white) on a black background
  • Made of fabric, with reinforced edge
  • For sewing on
  • Price: € 6.66

The patch is currently only available in an initial batch of 100 pieces - I am therefore limiting the current maximum number of patches per person to 2, so that as many interested buyers as possible have the chance to get a patch.

Patch preview image

Shipping and customs 🔗

  • Approximate shipping cost for GER citizens: € 0.85
  • Approximate shipping cost for (almost) all other countries: € 1.10

The exact shipping cost will be calculated after you have ordered your patches. It depends on the destination country.

Order process 🔗

Here’s how it works:

  1. Send me an email to shop@metalhead.club with subject Metalhead.club patch batch #1 order using the following template:
Number of patches: xxx

Name and shipping address: 
(write your name and address here - include your country and region)

If you want to, also let me know your Mastodon username in case email delivery does not work for some reason

  1. You will receive a response after 1-2 days telling you the final price including shipping to your country.
  2. You pay the final price via (SEPA) bank transfer or Stripe. The Stripe payment URL and bank details will be included in the email.
  3. You will receive a payment confirmation 1-2 days after I have received the payment. Once you receive this final confirmation, your order is valid and you will receive the patch soon