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Bank details for metalhead.club / trashserver.net have changed

Dear metalhead.club / trashserver.net User,

in the last couple of years some of you have made use of the European SEPA bank transfer method to send donations [1] to me. Now that both services will be included into my small business “Leister IT”, I need to properly book those donations in my bookkeeping software. To make this work, it is crucial that your bank transfers end up in the correct place - my business bank account.

Therefore I urgently ask you to change the destination bank account IBAN in case you’re sending money in regular intervals or irregularly. As I don’t want to expose the new bank details publicly to prevent misuse, please send me a short e-mail and ask for the new bank details. I’ll respond as soon as possible.

Business E-Mail address: mail [ett] leister-it.de

My preferred method for donations is LiberaPay, but in case you’d like to use SEPA bank transfers instead, that’s fine as well :-)

Thank you so much for keeping the servers running by participating in the funding!

Best regards, Thomas

  • [1] “Donations”: Meaning “Schenkung” - not “Spende” in German. Donations for my services are not non-profit and cannot be applied to your taxes.