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Metalhead.club Patches Batch #1 (summer 2024)

Time for patches! They’ve been on my merch to-do list for a while, but now I can finally announce that there are metalhead.club patches with our logo! Dimensions: DIN-A7 (10,5 cm x 7,4 cm) Finely woven metalhead.club logo (white) on a black background Made of fabric, with reinforced edge For sewing on Price: € 6.66 The patch is currently only available in an initial batch of 100 pieces - I am therefore limiting the current maximum number of patches per person to 2, so that as many interested buyers as possible have the chance to get a patch.

Advertising metalhead.club in Wacken!

I have booked my first poster advertisement! For metalhead.club! In Wacken! In order to make metalhead.club better known among metalheads, I decided to test some outdoor advertising. This probably makes us the first Fediverse instance to place commercial advertising - and certainly the first Fediverse instance to do so in Wacken! Unfortunately, there were only 2 locations left to book in Wacken. And the booking periods could hardly be more unfavorable.

Metalhead.club T-shirts Batch #2 (spring 2024)

In summer 2023, I had metalhead.club T-shirts printed for the first time and sent them to metalhead.club members. (Check out the previous batch here!). With the current campaign, I want to build on the success of the summer and once again offer you the opportunity to purchase an official T-shirt with the logo - this time with the much-requested crew neck! Available models, sizes and colors 🔗This time I want to keep the number of variations (cut, color, size) smaller so that the ordering process is not so error-prone and complex.

Federating to Meta Threads

(auto-translated Text) In July 2023, it was announced that Meta’s Twitter/X competitor “Threads” would probably also set foot in the so-called Fediverse - the network that connects various social platforms such as Mastodon, MissKey, Pleroma, KBin and Lemmy. This would make it possible for Meta’s own users to interact with users and content from the Fediverse - and vice versa. This announcement caused panic in the Fediverse at the time. While some saw this as a success (after all, this was a significant step towards service interoperability!

metalhead.club t-shirts

ORDER PERIOD IS OVER! 🔗 Metalhead.club T-Shirts 🔗You’ve asked for it - I deliver! Now that metalhead.club has a logo, it’s time to spread the word about metalhead.club - and what could be better than a t-shirt with our logo? Admin Tom with Model Presenter, size L. Available models, sizes and colors 🔗 Stanley/Stella Presenter Sizes S - XXL Price: € 22.00 Stanley/Stella Evoker Sizes XS - XXL Price: € 22.

New 650thz.de Server - the hardware specs

Some of you are already curious about the new server hardware. I’ll provide some details in a minute - but let’s first start off with the old server hardware for comparison: Dell PowerEdge R620 system (8-bay) CPU: Dual socket - 2x Intel Xeon E5-2640 v2 processor, 2 GHz, 8 cores RAM: 64 GB DDR3 ECC memory 1600 MHz (8x 8 GB) Storage Controller: PERC H710 Mini 2x Crucial MX500 1 TB SATA (RAID-1) 2x Crucial MX500 2 TB SATA (RAID-1) While this system is about 10 years old, it still performs quite well as an ordinary web server, e.

A new 650thz.de server - the next steps

I’m very happy to announce that funding of the new 650thz.de server was successful! During the campaign from 2023-02-17 to 2023-03-03 we’ve collected € 3,035. After adding money from earlier voluntary payments I was able to spend € 4,192 on the new server base hardware (excluding storage - I have personally taken over the costs for the SSD storage). You’re probably curious when the new server will be ready for its job ;-) … so here’s the plan:

Starting the donation campaign for a new server

Dear metalhead.club and trashserver.net users, as you might know, I’m planning to crowd-fund a new server for both 650thz.de services. Well - the campaign starts now! As my recent survey among metalhead.club users has shown, we should be able to fund about 3,200 € for a new server. 3,000 € is the minimum amount of money needed to get a new (second-hand) server with decent performance. Seems like we can make it - so I’m asking you to chip in now ;-)

A new server for metalhead.club and trashserver.net

Why we need new server hardware. The full story. In 2018 I was offered a second hand server by Servercow.de (now tinc.gmbh) - the hosting company that I still trust and that still hosts my main infrastructure for 650thz.de and some private stuff. I took the opportunity and bought the Dell R620. Servercow.de took care of the server housing. The machine has two Intel Xeon E5-2640 v2 processors (= 16 phy.

Bank details for metalhead.club / trashserver.net have changed

Dear metalhead.club / trashserver.net User, in the last couple of years some of you have made use of the European SEPA bank transfer method to send donations [1] to me. Now that both services will be included into my small business “Leister IT”, I need to properly book those donations in my bookkeeping software. To make this work, it is crucial that your bank transfers end up in the correct place - my business bank account.